Roasting on Purpose ... 911

November 22, 2011
We began roasting at the new site in late October. One a nice sunny Bakersfield day we noticed a truck parked in front of the HQ of Hope facing the wrong way on the one-way street. We kept roasting and watching and sprang to attention when we noticed three people on the sidewalk talking and looking up. It turns out they were talking to "911" and were looking at the small smoke vapors coming from our roaster pipe.

I went out and spoke to these nice folks and assured them we were not on fire. The young man next assured the Fire department that no one was on fire and hung up the cell. We invited the trio into the shop and shared our passion for coffee and the source of the smoke ... French Roast Sumatra Mandheling!

The fire safety trio enjoyed a few cups of Covenant Coffee and spent the next 20 minutes finding out who Covenant is and what we do. It was a good stop. We even heard the young lady of the trio state, "Wow, I never have my coffee straight. I usually put tons of sugar and cream and stuff but this is really good!" Isaac, let her know we get that all the time.

Hence, another fun day at the HQ of Hope and Covenant Coffee. Stop by and see what is happening but please don;'t call the Fire Department.

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