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Wild Cat Espresso

Along with four brothers, Martin Gutierrez started Montañas del Diamante mill in 1999. They are one of the pioneer mills for specialty coffee in Costa Rica and have good experience processing coffee. Martin's biggest farm name is “Gamboa” located in Las Nubes in Santa Maria de Dota at 1700-1800 masl. The micro climate is great for coffee in Las Nubes micro-region. The average annual temperature in Santa María de Dota is 17.9 ° C and the rainfall is 2647 mm per year. These conditions are special to get great coffee with amazing potential. All the micro-lots come from “Gamboa” farm and this year they process 650 quintales (46 kg) in total for microlots.

$14.00 12oz

$9.00 8 oz

$80.00 5 lb

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