Clever Coffee Dripper
The Clever Coffee Dripper is a state-of-the-art brewer that combines the full-immersion brewing method of the French Press and the clean finish of a paper filter. The Clever allows you to control every part of the brewing process and has a unique shut off valve that only pours when the Clever is sitting on your mug. This is a “Clever” way to brew your coffee and enjoy an easy, yet tasty cup.


Puly Caff Plus Polvere
Puly Caff Plus Polvere is a heavy duty and fast dissolving cleaning powder that is used to your espresso machine and its equipment. The cleanser is flushed through your machine removing coffee deposits and leaving your machine shiny and new. This is a high quality detergent that is imported all the way from Italy and is ideal for the maintenance of your espresso machine.
Yama Syphon Brewer Kit
The Syphon Brewer is a delicious and exciting new way to brew your coffee. The bottom orb is filled with water, which, when heated, rises to the top orb and saturates the coffee grounds then returns the coffee through a cloth filter while leaving the grounds in the top portion of the syphon. This elegant brewer allows for greater control over the entire brewing process and gives you a clean coffee with little to no bitterness and added flavors.